After considering the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak, the World Volleyball Federation FIVB announced its change with the World Tour tournaments of beach volleyball.

Up until the present time, the sports world has become accustomed to the news of the Covid-19 pandemic. They all seek to remedy, or attempt to minimize, the impact of the pandemic on tournaments and athletes. For this reason, the World Volleyball Federation FIVB also decided to adjust the schedule of the beach volleyball game.

After considering the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Volleyball Federation FIVB announced the change to the beach volleyball World Tour scheduled to take place in May.

FIVB and the organizers have agreed to postpone some beach volleyball tournaments

FIVB and the organizers have agreed to postpone 4 tournaments. Decisions are made based on considerations for the health and safety of the participants.

The adjusted fixture will be announced when the time is right and FIVB finds a solution at the later stage of the season. The FIVB is working with the World Health Organization, the International Olympic Committee, and relevant agencies to reevaluate all events scheduled for June.

The best women’s volleyball team has 9 members infected with COVID-19

Some of the major volleyball tournaments in the world has returned. Meanwhile, Turkish volleyball received a great shock when their best team, Vakifbank, announced its member were infected with COVID-19.

Recently, the best women’s volleyball team in the world, the Turkish club Vakifbank, announced that there were 9 members infected with COVID-19. This information does not please this rich traditional European club.

The Turkish club Vakifbank has some members affected with COVID-19

The pandemic during the past year has significantly affected the activities of the world, including sports. Volleyball is a subject that is heavily influenced when large and small tournaments are canceled or postponed indefinitely. This creates problems common in sports around the world.f

VakıfBank Sports Club is a volleyball club based in Istanbul, Turkey. The club was founded in 1986 after merging two volleyball teams, VakıfBank and Güneş Sigorta. VakıfBank was originally headquartered in Ankara but moved to Istanbul after the merger.

At this time, the team name was also changed continuously from VakıfBank Güneş Sigorta to VakıfBank Güneş Sigorta Türk Telekom (VGSTT) then VakıfBank Türk Telekom and finally the name VakıfBank was used until now.

This is the team that has won 4 CEV Champions League titles. It is also the only unbeaten champion in the history of this tournament. In his journey, VakıfBank 3 times World champions, besides other big and small titles, filled with traditional rooms.