For coastal countries, beach volleyball is a game that attracts the majority of players. It has now become official at the Olympics since 1996. Beach volleyball is like indoor volleyball.

The main task of the athlete is to send the ball over the net and finish in the opponent’s field, while also preventing the opponent’s similar task. Each team is allowed to touch the ball 3 times to send the ball through the part of the court to be attacked.

Beach volleyball is very popular in coastal countries

So, the skills needed in beach volleyball are kicking, passing the ball, tectonics, attacking, tackling the ball and flying the ball. Players need to master these skills as the duties of both athletes on the field are divided equally from time to time. It is different from indoor volleyball when there are 6 positions on the field and each position has a separate function and mission.

Playing beach volleyball the ball can touch any part of the body, except the serve is only allowed by hand. It is forbidden to only catch the ball or throw the ball during the competition.

With one touch of the ball, an athlete can make contact with the ball only once. There are only 2 players on the field for each team and there is no substitute player. Two athletes can change positions, and the concept of position error also does not exist.

Goal Kicks

A player may only use his hand to tee off on the opponent’s field. A ball that crosses the net and falls in the other side of the net will be counted as a valid ball.


A player may touch the ball with any part of his body to pass the ball to a teammate after the opponent’s kick-off. Each team can touch the ball up to 3 times before sending the ball to the other side of the net to perform an attack.


After the first phase, you can attack immediately if it is convenient, otherwise the attack will be arranged after the second touch to put the ball on the net to help the player perform the attack.

Blocking the ball

Like indoor volleyball, players jump up high using their hands to block an opponent’s attack above the net without touching the net.

Above are basic things to know about beach volleyball.