Italy will play its first match on July 25 against Canada. Meanwhile, Japan will play Venezuela and Poland will play Iran on the same day.

In women’s content

In the women’s content (starting from July 26), the special tone is expected in Group A. This brings together both the Brazilian candidate and the two other teams that have made a great deal in Olympic history, Japan. and Serbia. The hosts Japan twice won the 1964 and 1976 Olympics, including the first 1964 Olympics they played as the host.

Serbia has recently surprised, especially at the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. The representative of the European women’s volleyball village made it to the finals. This happened even after failing to beat the Chinese team (Serbia lost 1-3), the team also wrote a new page full of competition. for Serbian volleyball.

Protecting the HCB plate is not easy, but the current world champion that teachers and coaches Zoran Terzic holds (won in 2018), and the title of European Championship 2019, are the facilities For this team to continue to believe in a good journey of themselves.

The groups

In group A, in addition to the trio of Serbia, Brazil and Japan, there are Korean, Dominican Republic and Kenya.

In Group B, the war for the top rankings is even more fierce. The current Chinese champion will face the heavy opponents including the volleyball teams of USA, Russia, Italy, while Argentina and Turkey all want Make a special impression.

Coach Karch Kiraly has an advantage when preparing the plan to summon the US team. His students have been playing in the top volleyball tournaments in many countries like Brazil, Japan, China, Italy, Turkey and Russia.

Therefore, playing more football and experiencing with many subjects will help the US team feel more confident. The race to the peak of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the arena is not easy. And the USA’s volleyball teams have still dreamed of but never won a gold medal in his entire history.

Three times in the past, the USA’s volleyball team came close to winning, but ended up losing to China (at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles) and the last two times against Brazil (at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and London 2012).