Recently, the World Volleyball Federation (FIVB) has officially finalized the schedule of volleyball at the Tokyo Olympic 2020, after selecting enough 12 men’s and 12 women’s teams on continents to win the right to participate.

On July 25, the men’s content will start, while the women’s content will take place one day later (starting July 26). However, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the schedule may be changed.

In the men’s event, the defending Brazilian champions of Group B were very tense. The clashing with Argentina, Russia, the United States, Tunisia and France. Interestingly, the top 3 volleyball platforms in the world have won the gold medal 3 times in the past. Russia was formerly the Soviet Union, having won gold in 1964, 1968 and 1980.

Brazil was the closest team to ascend to the throne in Rio de Janeiro 2016, while the US and Russia won gold in the 2012 and 2008 seasons. But surely, both the US and Russia want to improve their rankings at the Olympics of the Year. now, do not want to continue to face each other in the third match as in 2016 (then, the US team won 3-2 to win bronze).

As scheduled in Group B, Brazil will play the first match against Tunisia on July 25. Meanwhile, the US team will face France and Russia against Argentina. The match against the first team in this group took place on 27-7, when the US vs Russia.

12 men’s teams participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

In Group A, the Italian runner-up team is highly appreciated, standing out over the same group rivals as Poland, Japan, Venezuela, Canada and Iran. In particular, in an effort to make the dream of the first Olympic champions come true, the team from the country of boots will enlist “plan” fast group stage to focus on the next round.

The opponents that are expected to get in the way of the first place in Group A are Poland, Canada and especially the “unknown” Japan, the host team of the 2020 Olympic Games.