The village of female volleyball players in the world has many famous stars. Talking about the ability to do business in the volleyball world, no one can surpass Gabrielle Reece.

The history of volleyball has recorded many beautiful and talented female athletes. Let’s take a look at some prominent faces of women’s volleyball.

Gabrielle Reece

1m91 height, weight 77 kg, beautiful body and attractive face, the name Gabrielle Reece entered the history of volleyball village in a very special way. Not one of the most prominent athletes in volleyball history, but this San Diego-born, California, US-born female athlete is still very popular.

From a young age, she showed her potential to become a volleyball star with her remarkable height and excellent jumping ability. It was that blossoming talent that led Florida State University to invite Reece to join a valuable scholarship.

Gabrielle Reece entered the history of volleyball village in a very special way

During the competition, she signed up with two school records, including the number of individual breaks (240) and the total number of clearances per season (747). In 1989, Reece decided to move to New York to take his volleyball career a step further. However, this turn took her in a different direction.

Reece could only dedicate himself to the top of the game for about four years because… so beautiful. The ideal height and 3 standard measurements of beauties make designers, fashion magazines… continuously send attractive invitations.

Since then, Reece’s matches have been lessened because he still has to be busy with shows around here. Not only modeling, but her speaking talent also helps her become a familiar face on reality TV shows.

During this time, she still had time to leave her mark on the field when she won the title of the best attacker in the 1994/95 World Beach Volleyball tournament. Playing while working in left-hand jobs, Reece worked extremely hard, and as a result, her numbers on her account kept increasing.