The time for consultation in the law is more free

FIVB also intends to change the team’s right to consult in the match by allowing teams to consult freely twice in each round (30 seconds/time). Consultation at point 8 is canceled (point 16 is automatically canceled because the second match only has 15 points).

The giving of freedom of opinion aims to give teams the right to make decisions at any time of the game and to be autonomous in their difficult and favorable situations.

If the change came true, the FIVB would have created a revolution in volleyball

Add a noteworthy detail in FIVB’s trial of a new rule against teeing off players. This rule requires that a participant who jumps the tee shot after completing the technique is not allowed to land in the game field.

After the jump kicks off, the athlete must land outside the bottom line before entering the game field to start the match. This makes it more difficult to tee off because of course, the player must choose a further throw position than the jump to land on the ground.

The teeing off player will not be able to land on the court as before

However, after more than 2 years up to this point, the change of FIVB’s volleyball rules has also been classified into oblivion. These changes, the thinking is also very good and allows for a better volleyball development in the current conditions. More importantly, it helped promote the world volleyball movement to another level.

How is standard volleyball specified?

All playing volleyball must meet the stringent standards set by the World Volleyball Federation of FIVB.

Changes to the current volleyball rules

Other amendments to the volleyball law were enacted in 2000. These include a rule allowing a tee player to touch the net. As long as the ball gets past the net and through the other side of the field.

The changes in the rules also allow the range to be played anywhere within the theoretical pitch. Other modifications are made to mitigate errors in ball hugging or double touching. For example, allowing multiple touches of the ball for 1 player.

In 2008, the NCAA made a slight change in the calculation of the winning points for the first four sets from 30 to 25 for women. For men it remains the same as 30. If you have to hit the decision set (5th set), the minimum score required is 15. In addition, the term “set” is replaced by “game”.


Above are new volleyball rules that FIVB wanted to test. If the change came true, the FIVB would have created a revolution in volleyball.