The history of volleyball is tied to an American game of passing hands back and forth. In the middle of the nineteenth century, people named this sport volleyball. Although not a sport with a long history, but volleyball has attracted the attention of millions of people around the world.

History of volleyball development in the world

Many people often wonder how volleyball history is? Where does volleyball history come from? In fact, volleyball is a sport formed in America. Its attractiveness and interest has attracted people from all over the world to participate. Let’s learn about the history of volleyball history as well as the rules and equipment used in volleyball from the moment we were born until now!

From a game called Mintonette volleyball gradually formed and developed in the US. Mintonette is a game devised by a teacher, to play this game the player only needs to pass the ball through a 6.6 foot high net. Although it is considered to be a tennis ball, it is completely non-racquet.

Volleyball was officially named Volleyball in 1896 in a conference among religious members. Since its inception, for the sake of playing volleyball, this sport has grown at a dizzying pace. In 1916, this sport was officially recognized by the American University Sports Association as a game loved and practiced by thousands of American citizens.

Volleyball was first introduced to the Games in the Philippines in 1913. In the following years, volleyball continued to grow and become a prominent sport. The proof is consecutive sports tournaments are held.

Volleyball rules were first drafted in the USA

In the US, the volleyball law was first compiled for the first time in the United States in 1897. The new Volleyball Law was composed of 10 articles, clearly defining how to mark the pitch, how to play, how to play high grid, … The law also clearly stated that the player must stand 1 leg on the horizontal line, open hands when hitting the ball. Especially if the ball foul is played again for the first time.

Also in volleyball history, the rules for calculating points are very clear. Accordingly, each time the opponent is unable to block the ball, the player gets 1 point. If the ball hits the net or falls into a line, it is considered a violation.

In addition, the new law of volleyball has not mentioned the official hand of volleyball referee. However, these are just the most basic rules of this sport, in the development process it was revised and supplemented to be more appropriate.