Beach volleyball was first known in California, USA. Currently, this subject has been popular all over the world. Few people distinguish the difference between beach volleyball and indoors. At a glance, the difference lies in the number of players and the playing field, but the rules of the game have basic differences that very few fans master.

Beach volleyball is a sport between 2 teams with 2 members, with the original rule from traditional volleyball (indoor volleyball). Beach volleyball has become a sport in the Olympics since 1996, a game that attracts many athletes to compete.

An indoor volleyball match

The rules of beach volleyball rules are similar to indoor volleyball. The athlete’s task is to get the ball through the net and finish it in the opposite court, while also blocking the same task from the opponent.

Each team is allowed to touch the ball 3 times to bring the ball through the opponent’s court. A kick starts with a goal kick, the ball goes over the net and is in the opponent’s court. The ball ends when the ball touches the court of any team, or the ball flies outside the court line or is not properly passed over the opponent’s court.

A beach volleyball match

The team that won the previous phase will be entitled to serve. 4 players from both teams took turns serving during the match.

Differences from indoor volleyball

Athletes can leave barefoot to compete.

The size of a beach volleyball court is 16m long and 8m wide, compared to 18m long and 9m wide of indoor volleyball.

Each team has 2 athletes compared to 6 players of indoor volleyball, besides beach volleyball does not allow substitution.

A team is calculated to win a set when it is 21 points, win 2 of the three secs (the last sec counts until 15), then win in the end.

Do not touch the ball with your palm.

Two teams change the backyard every 7 points, instead of every sec like indoor volleyball.

No libero position

The only similarity in the two versions of volleyball is the height of the competition net. According to the standard, the height is 2.43m for men and 2.24m for women.