Learn about the formation and development of volleyball (Part 2)

The subcommittee decided to take the American volleyball law as the basis for the volleyball competition law to change a few things, such as follows. Taking the metric unit as a uniform unit of measurement. The part of the body that touches the ball is counted from the waist up. The player who intercepts the […]

Learn about the history and development of volleyball (Part 2)

In 1917, the volleyball score changed from 21 to 15. They produced 16 thousand volleyball balls for the army in 1919. This is an important contribution to the development of volleyball in countries around the world. Volleyball is a competition at the Summer Olympics Find out who are famous players playing volleyball or famous in […]

The history of volleyball and the volleyball Olympics (Part 1)

Volleyball history is closely related to another popular sport, four years before its introduction – basketball. A game for middle-aged people In 1895, William G. Morgan held the position of Head of Physical Education at the YMCA (Christian Youth Association) in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Four years earlier, his colleague James Naismith gave birth to basketball. Naismith’s […]