The new volleyball rules that FIVB wanted to test (Part 1)

In 2017, the World Volleyball Federation (FIVB) wanted to test new volleyball laws to increase the attractiveness of volleyball matches.

FIVB’s changes are aimed at pushing the appeal of volleyball matches to the top to attract more audiences. Also, this goal creates opportunities for the “weak” teams to have the opportunity to bounce back the big men.

FIVB wanted to test new volleyball laws

These changes are not outside the goal of improving the professional quality of matches in the worldwide competition system. For a long time, volleyball has become a developed and attractive sport second only to football, because of its attractiveness that nowadays the development of volleyball tournaments has become popular.

FIVB wanted to test new volleyball laws

What changes did the FIVB want to test? The first is experimenting with seven lightning strikes per match. According to the current volleyball rules, a match has 5 seconds and the winning point is 25. FIVB wants to change the game to 7 seconds and the winning point will be 15.

In the rule that the FIVB wants to change, the distance must be at least 2 points when the two teams draw at 14 to count as winning that game. Thus, the time of the one-second match/match will be shorter and increase the drama for the teams.

Changing the scoring method will be favorable for the average team

Changing the scoring method will be favorable for the average team

The calculation of points in each match is also adjusted by FIVB standards compared to the previous scoring method. If the score is 4-0, 4-1, and 5-2: The team wins 3 points, the losing team gets 0 points. If score 4-3: The winner wins 2 points, the losing team will receive 1 point.

This is a completely new way of calculating points that is more beneficial for teams that are underestimated in the competition. If you try to win every second, losing the whole game can still gain points to gain an advantage in the ranking.

Learn about the standard of FIVB that volleyball leagues must meet

Volleyball history began in 1895, by William G. Morgan. He is the Head of Physical Education at the “YCMA” Christian Youth Union in Massachusetts. His goal was to develop a sport for athletes who are strong but without elements of violence

So he tried to combine basketball, tennis net and baseball game concept and call it “Mintonette”. After a year he changed it back to “Volleyball” which means volleyball to make it easier to understand.

Volleyball must meet FIVB standards

Initially, the competition rules and equipment regulations were not specified. In 1947, when the FIVB World Volleyball Federation was established, new standards for pitches, soccer balls and laws were gradually formed.

Volleyball must meet FIVB standards

Accordingly, the volleyball leagues must meet the following criteria.

Material and color

There is no specific color volleyball. However, the popular color today is green – yellow or green – yellow – white.

– The ball must be made from natural soft leather or synthetic leather. The internal inflatable guts must be made of rubber or similar material.

– Volleyball can be white or a combination of 2-3 different colors that is easy to distinguish. Currently the most popular shade color is shade with a combination of white, blue and yellow.

– According to FIVB’s regulations, in each match, there must be 5 balls to be prepared for play.

– All balls must be identical in color, size, weight and inflatable pressure.

Big brands

Mikasa is currently the largest and most widely used volleyball brand in the world.

There are 3 biggest volleyball brands in the world today. All three brands come from the hometown of volleyball – United States.


Mikasa is the largest brand name with competitive football ball widely approved and used by the FIVB and European volleyball federation.

Mikasa is the largest brand name with competitive football ball


This brand is popular in the world. Especially, volleyball in the US widely use the ball of this brand.


The volleyball association widely recognize and use this company’s ball.

Things you may not know about beach volleyball

For coastal countries, beach volleyball is a game that attracts the majority of players. It has now become official at the Olympics since 1996. Beach volleyball is like indoor volleyball.

The main task of the athlete is to send the ball over the net and finish in the opponent’s field, while also preventing the opponent’s similar task. Each team is allowed to touch the ball 3 times to send the ball through the part of the court to be attacked.

Beach volleyball is very popular in coastal countries

So, the skills needed in beach volleyball are kicking, passing the ball, tectonics, attacking, tackling the ball and flying the ball. Players need to master these skills as the duties of both athletes on the field are divided equally from time to time. It is different from indoor volleyball when there are 6 positions on the field and each position has a separate function and mission.

Playing beach volleyball the ball can touch any part of the body, except the serve is only allowed by hand. It is forbidden to only catch the ball or throw the ball during the competition.

With one touch of the ball, an athlete can make contact with the ball only once. There are only 2 players on the field for each team and there is no substitute player. Two athletes can change positions, and the concept of position error also does not exist.

Goal Kicks

A player may only use his hand to tee off on the opponent’s field. A ball that crosses the net and falls in the other side of the net will be counted as a valid ball.


A player may touch the ball with any part of his body to pass the ball to a teammate after the opponent’s kick-off. Each team can touch the ball up to 3 times before sending the ball to the other side of the net to perform an attack.


After the first phase, you can attack immediately if it is convenient, otherwise the attack will be arranged after the second touch to put the ball on the net to help the player perform the attack.

Blocking the ball

Like indoor volleyball, players jump up high using their hands to block an opponent’s attack above the net without touching the net.

Above are basic things to know about beach volleyball.

The tallest volleyball player in the world nowadays

Volleyball is one of the most team-based sports and brings a lot of emotions to the audience. The following article will summarize interesting information about the tallest volleyball player in the world, the best men’s volleyball player in the world.

Wuttichai Suksala – The highest volleyball player in the world

Wuttichai Suksala is known as a monster in the history of world volleyball, participating in the Thai team. This boy born in 1995 is 2m22 tall and has an equally “huge” attack range of 3m50, which is 3m35 in place.

Wuttichai Suksala participated in the Asian U23 Men’s Volleyball Championship 2015 with the Thai team color. With a height of over 2m, these players just need to “tiptoe” to finish a ball phase neatly. He is considered a leading potential player in Golden Temple volleyball.

In 2017, at the Asian Club Volleyball Championship, Wuttichai Suksala was playing in an extra position for the Nakhon Ratchasima Club (Thailand).

Dmitry Muserskiy

With a height of 2m18, Dmitry Muserskiy was born on October 29, 1988, as a Russian volleyball player, a member of the Russian men’s national volleyball team, and Russian club Belogorie Belgorod. He also regularly possesses very strong beats and breaks.

Alexey Kazakov

Russian volleyball player Alexey Kazakov has a height of 2m16. Born in 1976, Alexey Kazakov is currently 43 years old. He is also among the top giants in the men’s volleyball village.


An outstanding athlete on the Brazilian volleyball team. Giba is considered to be the most effortless and talented volleyball player in the world. Although he does not possess the best height, no player can possess a good resilience like Giba. He was born on December 23, 1976, with a height of 1.92m.

At the age of 18, he officially made his national debut to play volleyball under the Brazilian national shirt until he retired in 2014. He has contributed his efforts, helping the Brazilian volleyball team win many medals. Although retired, Giba is one of the best volleyball players in the world, who everyone cherishes not only for his technical expertise but also for his holy mind.

Volleyball: FIVB postpones part of the beach volleyball season

After considering the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak, the World Volleyball Federation FIVB announced its change with the World Tour tournaments of beach volleyball.

Up until the present time, the sports world has become accustomed to the news of the Covid-19 pandemic. They all seek to remedy, or attempt to minimize, the impact of the pandemic on tournaments and athletes. For this reason, the World Volleyball Federation FIVB also decided to adjust the schedule of the beach volleyball game.

After considering the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Volleyball Federation FIVB announced the change to the beach volleyball World Tour scheduled to take place in May.

FIVB and the organizers have agreed to postpone some beach volleyball tournaments

FIVB and the organizers have agreed to postpone 4 tournaments. Decisions are made based on considerations for the health and safety of the participants.

The adjusted fixture will be announced when the time is right and FIVB finds a solution at the later stage of the season. The FIVB is working with the World Health Organization, the International Olympic Committee, and relevant agencies to reevaluate all events scheduled for June.

The best women’s volleyball team has 9 members infected with COVID-19

Some of the major volleyball tournaments in the world has returned. Meanwhile, Turkish volleyball received a great shock when their best team, Vakifbank, announced its member were infected with COVID-19.

Recently, the best women’s volleyball team in the world, the Turkish club Vakifbank, announced that there were 9 members infected with COVID-19. This information does not please this rich traditional European club.

The Turkish club Vakifbank has some members affected with COVID-19

The pandemic during the past year has significantly affected the activities of the world, including sports. Volleyball is a subject that is heavily influenced when large and small tournaments are canceled or postponed indefinitely. This creates problems common in sports around the world.f

VakıfBank Sports Club is a volleyball club based in Istanbul, Turkey. The club was founded in 1986 after merging two volleyball teams, VakıfBank and Güneş Sigorta. VakıfBank was originally headquartered in Ankara but moved to Istanbul after the merger.

At this time, the team name was also changed continuously from VakıfBank Güneş Sigorta to VakıfBank Güneş Sigorta Türk Telekom (VGSTT) then VakıfBank Türk Telekom and finally the name VakıfBank was used until now.

This is the team that has won 4 CEV Champions League titles. It is also the only unbeaten champion in the history of this tournament. In his journey, VakıfBank 3 times World champions, besides other big and small titles, filled with traditional rooms.

U20 Euro Beach Volleyball Championship returns after the pandemic

The European U20 Beach Volleyball Championship took place with the eagerness of fans waiting after the pandemic in the Czech Republic.

Although the epidemic of acute respiratory infections caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus is still underway in Europe and has not shown signs of control, with volleyball tournament organizers at the U20 Euro Beach Volley tournament, they do my best.

To be able to organize the tournament, the organizers have thoughtfully prepared the prevention and control of pandemic to ensure the safety of athletes and football teams participating in the tournament.

So far everything is ready and ready for the rising stars of European Beach Volleyball to show off at Sokolske Koupaliste in the city of Brno, Czech Republic. Brno is the second-largest city and is located south of the Czech Republic.

The city was established in 1243, although there have been 5th-century settlements with both ancient and modern landscapes. Traditionally, Brno is the capital of the historic principality of Morava.

The first match of the home team

In the first match of the home team, the Czech Republic lost the opening match in Group A to the Dutch names Brecht Piersma and Desy Poiesz. For Gibraltar youngsters, they are making their first appearance in an international under-20 tournament.

For duo Jonatan Hellvig and David Ahman who recently won the historic World Tour volleyball championship for Sweden in late August at Montpellier said: “It’s a pleasure to be back in Brno, two years ago we won the league. Europe U18 here. We are very excited to play, especially since this is only our second tournament after the pandemic break.

U20 Euro Beach Volley returning after the pandemic promises to bring fans and volleyball lovers many exciting matches. Hopefully, the U20 Euro Beach Volley will smoothly take place without any postponement due to the pandemic.

Looking back at the world volleyball rankings in 2020

Volleyball is a team sport that is probably the second most popular sport in the world after king football. No need to spend a lot of money, just a ball, any surface, we can play this sport.

The International Volleyball Federation with the abbreviation FIVB, regularly organizes many continental and world tournaments, Olympic, young volleyball tournaments to help the game become popular and attract more fans.

It is FIVB that provides the criteria for scoring and ranking teams across 5 continents.

Volleyball rating criteria and tournaments

Qualifier and World Olympic Games.

World cup volleyball.

World Championship.

World Grand Prix.

World men’s volleyball rankings 2020

World men’s volleyball rankings

Brazil is the team that ranks No. 1 on the world volleyball federation’s rankings

The first place in the world men’s volleyball team ranking list is Brazil with a score of 335. Second is the South American volleyball team with a score of 280. The positions in turn in the top 5 are Poland, Italy, and Russia.

Iran is an Asian team with this achievement with 8th place in the world (137 points). In Southeast Asia, Thailand is the team with the best performance, ranked 39th in the world. And the following list shows the top 20 men’s volleyball teams in the world 2020.

Country Location Score

1 Brazil 335

2 USA 280

3 Poland 272

4 Italy 206

5 Russia 204

6 Argentina 161

7 Canada 157

8 Iran 137

9 France 130

10 Japan 122

11 Serbia 110

12 Egypt 85

13 Belgium 80

14 Bulgaria 72

15 Netherlands 68

15 Australia 68

17 Slovenia 62

18 Cuba 50

19 Finland 47

20 China 44

World women’s volleyball rankings 2020

The first place in the list of the women’s volleyball world rankings in 2020 is China with a score of 320. The US continues to be the second-place team with a score of 266. The next 3 positions are Serbia, Brazil, and Russia.

In Asia outside of China, Japan is the 7th best country in the world. In Southeast Asia, Thailand is still the number 1 rival in the region with a 14th position in the world. The Vietnamese women’s volleyball team is ranked 36th in the world in 2020.


This is just the latest volleyball rankings 1/2020, these positions may change in the upcoming 2020 Olympics.

The heavy effects of coronavirus pandemic to volleyball in the world

The news is that one of the best male volleyball players in the world, Earvin Ngapeth, has tested positive for the coronavirus.

The director of the Zenit-Kazan volleyball team, Oleg Bryzgalov, confirmed that their player Earvin Ngapeth was positive for coronavirus. Earvin Ngapeth returned to Kazan on a night flight and the next morning, he contacted the club doctor, reported signs of a cold, and Zenit Club General Manager Ilykhan Rakhmatullin clearly stated to the newspaper.

Ngapeth was positive for coronavirus. Ngapeth recently renewed his contract with Zenit, the French batter who is not the only volleyball player infected with the new COVID-19 virus but is undoubtedly the most famous volleyball player fighting it.

Following the meeting held in Ankara with the attendance of the President of the Turkish Volleyball Federation, the Turkish Basketball Federation, the Turkish Football Federation, along with the President of the Club Association and Minister of Youth and Sports.

They decided to suspend all volleyball tournaments until continued attention. All competitions held by the Turkish Volleyball Federation have been postponed until further notice. This was due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the decision for the Women’s Volleyball Championship, the Brazilian Volleyball Federation (CBV) held a meeting with representatives of men’s clubs and decided to postpone the 2019/20 Men’s Volleyball Championship for 1 month.

The CBV understood that at this point the best decision would be to end the championship, and with 10 votes in favor and 3 against, Banco do Brasil Superliga was still suspended for another month, Renato D’Avila replaced face CVB said.

The Asian Volleyball Federation also postpones some volleyball tournaments

The Asian Volleyball Federation has decided to postpone the 2020 Men’s Volleyball Championship. According to AVC’s Twitter post, the Thai host asked to postpone the tournament. Previously, it was to take place from April 18 to 25 in Nakhon Ratchasima. The organizer then moved the tournament to August 10-17.

This is due to fears of the spread of the virus that has claimed thousands of lives. A total of 15 teams have confirmed to participate in the tournament. The teams include the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, Iran, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China Taipei, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Sri Lanka…

The COVID-19 pandemic has heavily affected world volleyball platform recently. Along with that is participating in betting at the link to the w88 bookie as well as equally affected. Hopefully, the pandemic will pass and the world volleyball sport will be reopened in the near future.

The COVID-19 pandemic has heavily affected volleyball around the world

Volleyball has been heavily attacked by the Covid-19 pandemic and a series of top volleyball tournaments had to be delayed.

The test match for the Ariake Arena volleyball stadium in the framework of the Tokyo Challenge Cup took place from Saturday, April 21 to Thursday, April 26 in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But the Japan Volleyball Association was decided to cancel the event due to concerns about a COVID-19 outbreak.

The organizer of Olympic 2020 added that they will consult with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), and other relevant organizations to determine when to organize. function back to these test tournaments.

The Volleyball Nations League has been postponed

The International Volleyball Federation FIVB has also decided to postpone the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) championship in 2020 until after the 2020 Olympic Games, which is a new tournament aimed at organizing the world’s top volleyball teams.

The organizer decided to postpone but not to cancel the VNL. This decision was made after close consultation with all the National Confederation and relevant agencies. It was also accompanied by the approval of the FIVB Board of Directors.

The FIVB said postponing tournaments until the fall will ensure athletes can focus on their health and fitness. This will allow national tournaments that are currently suspended the event to the end of their season when the situation improves.

The revised deadline for VNL 2020 has not yet been determined. However, FIVB is working closely with the related federations and national events to organize the tournament. It is expected to take place at the end of the Olympic Games.

Beach volleyball events are also being canceled. So far, there have been some 3-star events that was canceled. It includes the events in Coolangatta Beach, Australian Coast (March 17-22), and 4-star events in Cancun, Mexico. (March 24 to 29) and Yangzhou, China (April 22 to 26) all postponed Also, 4-star events in Singapore (April 15 to 19) and Siming, China (April 29 to May 3) has been canceled.

Russia is also struggling with the pandemic. The Board of Directors of the Russian Volleyball Federation decided to suspend all tournaments until further notice. This Decision takes effect from 20 March 2020 until further notice. This also indirectly affects the volleyball betting industry in the world.

The most outstanding beach volleyball athletes of the USA (Part 2)

Currently, Dain is an Analyst for Professional Beach Volleyball worldwide including FIVB (International Volleyball Federation), AVP, NVL (National Volleyball League, and Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball League as well as a sideline reporter for NBA Los Angeles Clippers.

His career in Sports Broadcasting has worked with ABC, NBC, ESPN, Fox Sports Net, and Universal Sports Network. He runs a variety of sports including NBA, Beach volleyball, MLB, College Basketball and College Football, Dain also has many motivational talk events each year to inspire and be a role model for many.


Eric Fonoimoana was born on June 7, 1969, and the American Samoan paired with Dain Blanton to win a gold medal in beach volleyball at the 2000 Olympic Games. He has played professionally for over 16 years and has participated in over 200 Tournaments.

Fonoimoana has won at least one tournament in 7 consecutive years from 1998 to 2004. He is the most valuable former AVP player and in the top 10 for all-time leagues played. Fonoimoana earned more than $ 1 million playing beach volleyball.

He was born in Manhattan Beach, California, and studied at Mira Costa High School and later UCSB. 2002 was the peak year of Fonoimoana, in which he reached the AVP finals 6 times and won 4 titles with his then-partner Dax Holdren.

In the same year, Fonoimoana was named by her colleagues AVP’s Most Valuable Player. In the spring of 2000, the famous volleyball player founded the non-profit Dig-Kids 501-C3 children’s educational organization. This helped children in urban cities excel in schools, volleyball, and other subjects.

The athle4 Kids Dig-Kids 501-C3 has helped over 3.45 children learn the importance of education and fitness. As the CEO of D4K, he personally helped raise more than $ 1,038,000 for children.