Volleyball is a team sport that is probably the second most popular sport in the world after king football. No need to spend a lot of money, just a ball, any surface, we can play this sport.

The International Volleyball Federation with the abbreviation FIVB, regularly organizes many continental and world tournaments, Olympic, young volleyball tournaments to help the game become popular and attract more fans.

It is FIVB that provides the criteria for scoring and ranking teams across 5 continents.

Volleyball rating criteria and tournaments

Qualifier and World Olympic Games.

World cup volleyball.

World Championship.

World Grand Prix.

World men’s volleyball rankings 2020

World men’s volleyball rankings

Brazil is the team that ranks No. 1 on the world volleyball federation’s rankings

The first place in the world men’s volleyball team ranking list is Brazil with a score of 335. Second is the South American volleyball team with a score of 280. The positions in turn in the top 5 are Poland, Italy, and Russia.

Iran is an Asian team with this achievement with 8th place in the world (137 points). In Southeast Asia, Thailand is the team with the best performance, ranked 39th in the world. And the following list shows the top 20 men’s volleyball teams in the world 2020.

Country Location Score

1 Brazil 335

2 USA 280

3 Poland 272

4 Italy 206

5 Russia 204

6 Argentina 161

7 Canada 157

8 Iran 137

9 France 130

10 Japan 122

11 Serbia 110

12 Egypt 85

13 Belgium 80

14 Bulgaria 72

15 Netherlands 68

15 Australia 68

17 Slovenia 62

18 Cuba 50

19 Finland 47

20 China 44

World women’s volleyball rankings 2020

The first place in the list of the women’s volleyball world rankings in 2020 is China with a score of 320. The US continues to be the second-place team with a score of 266. The next 3 positions are Serbia, Brazil, and Russia.

In Asia outside of China, Japan is the 7th best country in the world. In Southeast Asia, Thailand is still the number 1 rival in the region with a 14th position in the world. The Vietnamese women’s volleyball team is ranked 36th in the world in 2020.


This is just the latest volleyball rankings 1/2020, these positions may change in the upcoming 2020 Olympics.