Not only conquering fans with talent, but the female athletes of the world beach volleyball also touched the audience’s hearts with their sexy and healthy beauty. Here are the 8 most talented and glamorous female beach volleyball players in the world today.

1. Rachel Wacholde

The American athlete has won 8 beach volleyball championships with three different partners. The period 2005-2008 marked Wacholder’s dominance with 2 winning Olympic gold medals with Kerri Walsh. In addition to talent, the American athlete is also known as a hot model.

2. Siri Bjorkesett

With a bright smile and a sexy body, the Norwegian volleyball player always hot the beach when she appears.

3. Liliana Fernandez

Possessing the sexiest body curves, athletes from Spain are always a hot topic on sports forums. Not only having a well-proportioned body, but her facial expression is also very beautiful and good looking.

4. Jaqueline Carvalho

As one of the sexiest athletes in Brazil, Jaqueline makes men dreamy while watching her play. This beauty won 2 Olympic gold medals in Beijing 2008 and London 2012 as well as 2 gold medals in the world with the national team. She won the title of World’s Best Beater in 2010.

5. Sheilla Castro

Castro attended 2 Summer Olympics in 2008 and 2012. Possessing an ideal height, the beauty who won the title of the best female athlete in the world in 2006 was one of the sexiest athletes of the Brazilian team at that time. hours.

Sheilla Castro was the best female athlete in the world in 2006

6. Sara Goller

Sara Goller is one of the best volleyball athletes in Germany. She won 2 gold medals at the European Volleyball Championship. The blonde beauty also attended the 2012 London Olympics.

7. Zara Dampney

British athletes used to compete at the 2012 London Olympics. She was voted the most photogenic beauty of the tournament because of her innocence and holiness.

8. Jennifer Kessy

Jennifer Kessy is an American beach volleyball player. Growing up in Southern California, Jen knew and played many good sports such as swimming, rowing but volleyball was still her choice to play professionally.

Above are top 8 most talented female beach volleyball players in the world nowadays.