Volleyball history began in 1895, by William G. Morgan. He is the Head of Physical Education at the “YCMA” Christian Youth Union in Massachusetts. His goal was to develop a sport for athletes who are strong but without elements of violence

So he tried to combine basketball, tennis net and baseball game concept and call it “Mintonette”. After a year he changed it back to “Volleyball” which means volleyball to make it easier to understand.

Volleyball must meet FIVB standards

Initially, the competition rules and equipment regulations were not specified. In 1947, when the FIVB World Volleyball Federation was established, new standards for pitches, soccer balls and laws were gradually formed.

Volleyball must meet FIVB standards

Accordingly, the volleyball leagues must meet the following criteria.

Material and color

There is no specific color volleyball. However, the popular color today is green – yellow or green – yellow – white.

– The ball must be made from natural soft leather or synthetic leather. The internal inflatable guts must be made of rubber or similar material.

– Volleyball can be white or a combination of 2-3 different colors that is easy to distinguish. Currently the most popular shade color is shade with a combination of white, blue and yellow.

– According to FIVB’s regulations, in each match, there must be 5 balls to be prepared for play.

– All balls must be identical in color, size, weight and inflatable pressure.

Big brands

Mikasa is currently the largest and most widely used volleyball brand in the world.

There are 3 biggest volleyball brands in the world today. All three brands come from the hometown of volleyball – United States.


Mikasa is the largest brand name with competitive football ball widely approved and used by the FIVB and European volleyball federation.

Mikasa is the largest brand name with competitive football ball


This brand is popular in the world. Especially, volleyball in the US widely use the ball of this brand.


The volleyball association widely recognize and use this company’s ball.