Volleyball is a sport that is no stranger to us. So, do you know where volleyball originated, how does volleyball history look like? Please see the following article for detailed and complete information.

What is volleyball?

Volleyball is an Olympic sport. Volleyball consists of two teams playing on the field and is separated by a net. The way to score for this sport is the teams that have allowed the ball to touch the opponent’s court by law.

Volleyball history

A new sport named Mintonette was created by a YMCA fitness teacher named William G. Morgan on February 9, 1895, in Massachusetts, USA. This is an indoor entertainment game with an unlimited number of players. Mintonette is based on several characteristics of handball and tennis. Basketball also originated in this place four years ago.

Volleyball history originated in the United States

Mintonette is an invented sport featuring indoors playable, less rough for former YMCA members. The first law was created by Morgan. He specified in the law that the height of the net is 1.98m. The playground measures 7.62 × 15.24m. Each match consists of 9 turns and an unlimited number of ball touches.

Volleyball history originated in the United States

In 1896, the sport’s Volleying Nature was discovered in the team game at the YMCA. And since then, this game became widely known as Volleyball.

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The growth and popularity of volleyball

The history of volleyball, the first ball used after a very long time is still controversial. Many documents suggest that the first ball was invented by Spalding in 1896 hash. While other sources claim that the first ball existed in 1900.

The rules of volleyball have been developed and improved over time. In 1916, in the Philippines, the skill and power of pedal and pass 2 was built. Four years later the three-touch rule and a back row ban were also established.