The subcommittee decided to take the American volleyball law as the basis for the volleyball competition law to change a few things, such as follows.

Taking the metric unit as a uniform unit of measurement. The part of the body that touches the ball is counted from the waist up. The player who intercepts the ball must not touch the ball for the second time without someone else having touched the ball.

The kicking position was narrowed. Also, the subcommittee decided to include volleyball in the 1940 Olympics competition program. In April 1947 in Paris (France), the first International Volleyball Conference decided to establish the International Volleyball Association (FIVB). This event proves that volleyball is a world-class sport.

In 1948, for the first time, FIVB organized the European men’s volleyball championship in Italy with 6 participating teams. The Czechoslovak team won the championship. In September 1949 in Prague (Czechoslovakia), they held the first World Volleyball tournament for men’s teams and European championships for women’s teams. Both men’s and women’s volleyball teams won the championship.

Volleyball thrived in the world

World Championships, European championships… are conducted regularly and many participating countries. The 1956 World Championship in France had 17 women’s volleyball teams and 24 men’s volleyball teams. In which Asia has 3 participating teams are India, the People’s Republic of China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. America has 3 participating teams including America, Brazil, and Cuba.

Volleyball thrived in the world

Along with technical improvements – tackling tactics, ball cushioning techniques also appear and are mainly used in first-pass passes. The techniques of rolling and saving the ball in defense are also introduced.

In July 1966, the first European Youth Volleyball Tournament (up to 20 years old) was organized in Hungary (up to 20 years old) with 12 female and 16 male teams participating. The Soviet men’s and women’s volleyball team won the championship.

Starting in 1965, determined the order of organizing major international volleyball tournaments: The World Cup was held the year after the championship, then the European championship, and finally the Olympic Games. So every year there is an official tournament. Since 1975, the 2-year European Volleyball Championship has been held once.

Due to the need for global development, there have been many changes in the rules, tactics are constantly being improved to make volleyball a more attractive sport.

In 1983, the World Volleyball Federation (FIVB) had 146 member countries. Volleyball has become one of the world’s top sports.