Researchers believe that volleyball was born in America around 1895 by sports teacher named WILIAM MORGAM. At first, the rules were simple and seen as an active game for students and not as violent as basketball. He used a net about 1.95 m high and a basketball ball to pass through the net. Volleyball match was first held in June 1896 in Springfield.

From 1895 to 1920 , volleyball was introduced to other countries and widely developed in all continents. During this period, the volleyball law also changed and improved gradually. In 1912 amateurs established the association and in 1913 held a volleyball tournament in Paradiát.

Volleyball first entered Europe in France

Volleyball first entered Europe in France. In England in 1914. Entered Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland around 1920-1921 and rapidly developed in European countries. In 1928 in Moscow, in the program of the gymnastics and sports, there was volleyball. In 1922 in Brooklyn (USA) officially held a volleyball tournament and decided to include volleyball in the program of the Eighth Olympics to be held in 1924 in Paris (France).

The rules of volleyball throughout history

Along with the development of the volleyball movement, the rules of the game have also changed.

In 1900 each point ends at point 21. The net height is 2.13 m and the boundaries are counted as in the yard. In 1912, the area of ​​the yard was 10.6 mx 18.2 m; the net height is 2.28 m; mesh width is 0.91m. After the ball fails, replace the player.

In 1917, the net height was 2.43 m. In 1918, each team had 6 members, each score was 15. The volleyball field was 9.1 mx 18.2 m in 1923. The rules of change have a boost to technical and tactical aspects. From a game formed from natural movements with the aim of active rest, volleyball becomes a sport. In 1928 in the Soviet Union, in the program of Gymnastics and Sports (held in Moscow), there was volleyball.

From 1929 to 1939, volleyball technique and tactics made great leaps. The appearance of the collective ball has spurred the development of new forms of attack. Volleyball has become a more collective sport. This is shown very clearly in the arrangement of players on the field, in organizing the attack and defense, in the protection of the batter and the interceptor.

In 1934, at the Conference in Stockhom (Sweden), the Conference proposed to become the Volleyball Technical Committee.