The prominent faces of the female volleyball players in the world (Part 2)

According to statistics, Gabrielle Reece is the volleyball player with the most money in history with 12.5 million dollars. Yekaterina Gamova owns extremely magical shots with her great height In sports competitions, especially in sports such as volleyball, height brings great advantages. But being tall is not enough, the difference between Yekaterina Gamova is not […]

The prominent faces of the female volleyball players in the world (Part 1)

The village of female volleyball players in the world has many famous stars. Talking about the ability to do business in the volleyball world, no one can surpass Gabrielle Reece. The history of volleyball has recorded many beautiful and talented female athletes. Let’s take a look at some prominent faces of women’s volleyball. Gabrielle Reece […]

The best female volleyball players in the world (Part 1)

The emergence of international volleyball tournaments has made it easy to know some outstanding volleyball players in the world. Let’s take a look at the greatest female volleyball legends in the world! LANG PING (CHINA – 1981/84) Lang Ping was a former Coach of the US National Team and led the team to win the […]

Learn about the history and development of volleyball (Part 1)

Volleyball is a sport that is no stranger to us. So, do you know where volleyball originated, how does volleyball history look like? Please see the following article for detailed and complete information. What is volleyball? Volleyball is an Olympic sport. Volleyball consists of two teams playing on the field and is separated by a […]

The new volleyball rules that FIVB wanted to test (Part 2)

The time for consultation in the law is more free FIVB also intends to change the team’s right to consult in the match by allowing teams to consult freely twice in each round (30 seconds/time). Consultation at point 8 is canceled (point 16 is automatically canceled because the second match only has 15 points). The […]

List of the most talented female beach volleyball players in the world

Not only conquering fans with talent, but the female athletes of the world beach volleyball also touched the audience’s hearts with their sexy and healthy beauty. Here are the 8 most talented and glamorous female beach volleyball players in the world today. 1. Rachel Wacholde The American athlete has won 8 beach volleyball championships with […]

The new volleyball rules that FIVB wanted to test (Part 1)

In 2017, the World Volleyball Federation (FIVB) wanted to test new volleyball laws to increase the attractiveness of volleyball matches. FIVB’s changes are aimed at pushing the appeal of volleyball matches to the top to attract more audiences. Also, this goal creates opportunities for the “weak” teams to have the opportunity to bounce back the […]

Learn about the standard of FIVB that volleyball leagues must meet

Volleyball history began in 1895, by William G. Morgan. He is the Head of Physical Education at the “YCMA” Christian Youth Union in Massachusetts. His goal was to develop a sport for athletes who are strong but without elements of violence So he tried to combine basketball, tennis net and baseball game concept and call […]

Things you may not know about beach volleyball

For coastal countries, beach volleyball is a game that attracts the majority of players. It has now become official at the Olympics since 1996. Beach volleyball is like indoor volleyball. The main task of the athlete is to send the ball over the net and finish in the opponent’s field, while also preventing the opponent’s […]

The tallest volleyball player in the world nowadays

Volleyball is one of the most team-based sports and brings a lot of emotions to the audience. The following article will summarize interesting information about the tallest volleyball player in the world, the best men’s volleyball player in the world. Wuttichai Suksala – The highest volleyball player in the world Wuttichai Suksala is known as […]