As planned, today there are top volleyball matches in the major volleyball tournaments in the world taking place. However, when COVID-19 was showing signs of sharp increase, many matches and tournaments had to be postponed or canceled.

The dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic are now evident worldwide. Although it spreads less than seasonal flu, coronavirus causes more severe illness than influenza.

There is no vaccine or treatment available, but the world is still able to control the COVID-19 pandemic. The World Health Organization has recommended that the whole world should focus on measures to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from spreading quietly in the community.

The most exciting volleyball match in the old continent was also postponed because Italy was struggling against COVID-19. Because of its dangers, many sports tournaments in the world during this time have been postponed or canceled. This was to join hands with the community to fight off the pandemic.

The top volleyball tournaments in the world are also among these. This is partly because of the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was to ensure the safety of the athletes as well as the spectators coming to the track.

The most exciting volleyball match in Europe for women must be canceled because of COVID-19

It can be seen that, at the centers of the world pandemic such as Korea, Iran or Italy, the important matches were also postponed to wait for the pandemic to be controlled. This is considered a safe step of the organizers with the highest sense of protecting the people of their country.

The danger of the disease was immediately visible and its consequences are still widespread, but above all the postponement and cancellation of the games could be a small dose of medicine to help the world fight the disease in the long run.